About College Nights

College Nights help educate and inform players and parents about the college process. They are free to attend and are led by our College Services Coordinator, Travis Clarke.

We encourage interested players in 7th grade and above to join us at these events.

We will keep this page updated about our club's upcoming College Nights.

Next College Information Night Coming Soon!

We will announce the coaching panel members, date and location for the event in the near future!

Previous College Nights

Tips and Information From February 28, 2017 College Night

Our College Night on February 28 provided our players and families with valuable information on the college recruiting process. 

We have compiled a list of 32 quotes from the college coaches who attended that night, sharing their tips and suggestions on topics like financial aid, recruiting, email communication, highlight videos, and more.

Below you'll find some of those quotes along with several short, informative videos from the college coaching panel:

Click Image For PDF Document of College Night Quotes

Neil McGuire, Head Coach at UC Berkeley (Women's team):

Coach Michael Herman - Head Coach at Holy Names University (Women's team):

Video: UC Berkeley Coach Neil McGuire's Advice On Sending Emails + A Common Mistake To Avoid (Feb 28, 2017 College Night)

Travis Clarke, SRFC College Coordinator & Head Coach at St. Mary's College (Women's team):

Video: UC Davis Coach Chris Leer Gives His Opinion On The Ideal Environment For A Youth Player Who Aspires To Play In College (February 28, 2017 College Night)

Robin Hart, Head Coach At Menlo College:

Video: Coach Michael Herman Shares An Example Of How One Player Got A Coach's Attention In An Email And Got Recruited As A Result (February 28, 2017)

Neil McGuire, Head Coach at UC Berkeley (Women's team):

Video: Coach Twila Kaufman Shares Her Opinion On Using Professional Recruiting Services To Connect With College Coaches (February 28, 2017 College Night)

Video With Tips From March 9, 2016 College Night

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