San Ramon Competitive Soccer Program

U8-U19 Age Groups

San Ramon Competitive Soccer Program

For questions about our boys or girls competitive programs, please contact our Technical Directors.

Boys Technical Director: Mani Salimpour,

Girls Technical Director: Zlatko Tomic,

Develop Creativity

Develop Creativity

SRFC U9-U11 Academies

The focus of the SRFC U9-U11 programs is to guide and develop young soccer players through the ever important early years of soccer, where the learning environment and coaches can have the biggest impact on children. The SRFC staff coaches who will be working with these players are superb at training and understanding young children. The focus at this age is to create a fun and enjoyable environment where children can learn and play under the guidance of coaches who excel in youth development. 

Program Goals for U9-U11


When players improve their technical ability they grow in confidence and give themselves a greater capacity to process information, which is vital in the development of young soccer players. Improving individual technique within the game is our focus.


Focus on helping players develop and improve their basic psychomotor skills, coordination, balance, and agility.


Primary focus of the program is on 1v1 play and creativity. However, the staff will also encourage interaction between teammates through small group activities to enhance skillful and imaginative play.

For example 2v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 games/activities supplement the individual skill training. The focus is to appropriately apply technical skills they learn in training into the game environment with teammates in small groups, with the goal of mastery as players graduate to the 11 vs 11 game format and competitive program.


It is critical that players have fun and enjoy the game. To do so, the staff creates an environment that is fun and exciting for the players as they learn new skills and make new friends. The staff believes that kids who enjoy the game of soccer tend to improve more quickly, and are much more likely to be playing and enjoying the game in the future. You will notice that nowhere in these goals is winning placed above player development, learning, and fun. In fact, winning as an end in itself is not written anywhere in these goals, though we do promote our players to be competitive and play to win by focusing on the developmental program goals.

The entire emphasis of play in our youth development stages is on learning skills, improving decision making and learning to compete while having FUN.

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Club Calendar

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