Recreational Futsal Program In San Ramon

5 Weeks Of Training With Pro Coaching Staff | 3 Weeks Of Games With Volunteer Coach

Recreational Futsal Program Overview

Our recreational futsal program features 5 weeks of training with our professional coaching staff and 3 weeks of games with teams led by volunteer parent coaches. 

Our training will include the rules of futsal along with teaching he basic skills needed to play. 

Our 8 week recreational futsal program will feature one training a week for 5 weeks.  After training, there will be 3 weeks of games, with each team playing a game one day a week. 

Teams will be formed during the first training session, using the following criteria:

  1. Teams will be formed at random.
  2. Teams will be co-ed.
  3. Teams will be formed from combined age groups.
    • Combined U5 and U6 players 
    • Combined U7 and U8 players
    • Combined U9, U10, U11 players

Why Co-ed?

Girls and boys can play futsal together in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Unlike soccer, the game of futsal features less physical contact between players.

Speed and quickness are more important than size and strength, especially in the youth game. By rule, slide tackling is not permitted either.

Futsal is fast paced and the futsal court is smaller than typical soccer fields. The game requires players to focus on ball control and passing skills. 

For these reasons, our professional coaching staff is confident that forming co-ed teams will not jeopardize the health or safety of the players.

Futsal vs. Soccer

Both sports have much in common, but there are some signficant differences too.

  • Futsal is played 5 v 5.
    • Each team has 4 field players + a goalie.
  • Futsal uses a "no bounce" ball.
    • A futsal ball bounces about 1/2 as high as a soccer ball.
    • This allows the ball to settle to the floor quickly.
  • Futsal has no offsides rule.
  • Futsal courts have out-of-bounds lines.
    • In this instance, futsal is just like basketball and outdoor soccer.
  • There are no throw-ins in futsal.
    • A ball that rolled out of bounds is passed back onto the court to restart play.
  • In futsal, substitutions are made "in the run of play". 
    • This means a player can leave the court in the middle of the game and be replaced by a teammate while the ball is in play.  
  • Slide tackling is not allowed in futsal.


League and Affiliations

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