Recreational - Select Uniforms

Note: Returning recreational players may use the same uniform from the previous year.

Uniforms may be purchased at:

LocationSoccer Pro
Address:  6635 Dublin Blvd., Suite F  Dublin, CA 94568
Phone: 925.803.4435  Fax: 925.803.0481

Recreational Uniform Purchasing

Uniforms for recreational players can be purchased at Soccer Pro no later than August 1st. There will be a designated rack with all sizes of jerseys, with pre-numbered sets (1 home jersey, 1 away jersey). Picking your own number will not be an option, so you will need to choose a number that is available to you on the rack in the size you need. Shorts and socks will also be available by size.

Uniform Costs

Price subject to change. As a reference, a previous year's kit price was $58.00 + tax (includes 2 jerseys, 1 short, 1 sock).