Game Assignment

How Do I Request Assignments?

  • Log onto (If you do not have a GameOfficials account, see the Generate/Add a GameOfficials  Account page)

  • To sign up for games, on the upper left go under Personal Info/Self-Assign and follow the following steps:

    • The very top sub-window is titled “Game Filters”.  Select the ‘+’ sign in the left side of the Game Filters window to expand this window.  All the filters should be set to ‘All’ and the date needs to be the timeframe where you are looking for games.  The SRRC releases games up to three weeks in advance; so, for example, on Sept 1st games through Sept 21st will be available for assignment.
    • To select a specific range of dates, next to the ‘Date Range’ choice select the ‘Custom’ check box.  Set the Start and End dates.  Make sure you select the ‘Reload’ button.
    • The games that are shown are determined by your referee experience rating (see the Rankings and Advancement page for the link between referee rating and age groups referees can work)
    • To select a position, just click on a referee symbol on the right hand column that has no color.  This will automatically assign you to the game.  A referee can make 3 self-assign assignments in a 24 hour period and work 4 games in one day.
    • We don’t let referees automatically release games, so if you sign up for a game and later realize that you cannot work the game, send a message to and state which game you want to drop.
    • Since we have more than 60 new referees each year, the games that referees can work fill up quickly.
  • Knowing that it isn’t easy for new referees to get games, SRRC reserves some referee positions for new referees.  If you are a new referee and are having trouble finding open games, please send an email to with the subject line of “New referee looking for youth spots”.  In the email state what dates and times you are available and the assignor will see if there are any available reserved spots meeting your criteria.

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