Referee Rankings and Advancement

The SRRC has implemented a game ranking system in order to match individual referee skills with game difficulty.  Each age group, competition type and player gender (e.g., a U14 Girl's game) has a specific game difficulty as shown in the chart below.

Every referee who signs up to work San Ramon FC games (league games and tournaments) is given a Center/AR ranking based on their current referee development.  The following table provides a quick view of the game rankings and the referee development level expected to referee for a particular game.

There is an assessment process for referees who would like to move up a level in order to work more challenging matches.  In most cases, after the referee requests an assessment, a higher level game will be assigned to that referee and a member of the SRRC will observe a portion of the game.  Based on the assessor’s recommendation, the referee’s level may be adjusted to the appropriate game difficulty.

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