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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to help answer your questions about San Ramon FC and its programs.


What happened to the names San Ramon Soccer and AZURI?

Rest assured, you’re in the right place.

From 1973-2015, our club name was San Ramon Soccer.  For the past few years, our competitive program was called AZURI. 

Effective January 20, 2016, all San Ramon Soccer programs have been rebranded to San Ramon FC.


Why did the club change its logo, name, and colors?

Good question! The short answer is that we changed in order to be the best possible club we can be for our players, families and our community. 

What are the club programs called now?

We re-named our programs as follows:

2015 Program Name

Current Program Name



Copper Select




Junior AZURI

SRFC Junior Skills

U8 AZURI Academy

SRFC U8 Academy

AZURI Winter Futsal

SRFC Winter Futsal

Kick Start

Kick Start

College Advisory

College Services



Do I need to buy a new uniform for 2018?

Recreational and select players can continue to use the same uniform from our 2017 season.

Adidas discontinued our competitive uniform design. We have selected a new uniform design and all competitive players will need to purchase a new uniform in June 2018.

Our new color scheme includes a new red accent color along with our original navy blue, white, and gray colors. 

All of our uniforms will be available at Soccer Pro in Dublin for our 2018 season. 


What is the club’s office phone number?

Our phone number is (925) 973-0535, and our fax number is (925) 973-0536.


What is the club’s office address?

Our office address is 12885 Alcosta Boulevard, Suite B, San Ramon, California 94583.


Is the club’s mailing address the same?

No. Please note, we no longer use our P.O. Box for a mailing address.

Please send all postal mail to 12885 Alcosta Boulevard, Suite B, San Ramon, California 94583.


What email address domain does SRFC use?

Our current email addresses end in


Can I buy spirit wear with the new logo, name, and colors?

Absolutely!  We have an online store where you can view a great variety of apparel and many items have the option to customize it with a name or number.

Soccer Pro in Dublin can also put our new logo on Adidas bags or articles of clothing.

Please check with their store for the cost of adding a logo to a bag or garment.


What is the club’s new website address?

The new San Ramon FC website is


I cannot find what I need on the website. Who can help me?

Please call our office at (925) 973-0535, email our webmaster at or email our Club Administrator