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Competitive Program Overview


San Ramon FC competitive youth soccer


As a club, San Ramon FC's staff knows that the age group training system will benefit your child and advance their development in the game of soccer. The club believes that by implementing these ideas, players improve at a greater rate, all while having fun in a safe and positive environment. It is normal for players to learn and grow at different times and at their own pace.

The coaching staff at San Ramon FC evaluates a player's skill level in order to give each child the best opportunity to succeed.  The long term objective is to instill a passion for the game by challenging each player to develop their abilities against the appropriate level of competition. 

2023-24 Season

Below are details on the 2023-24 competitive program season.

2023-24 Competitive Program Coaching Slate

View coaching assignments for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

2023-2024 Competitive Program Details


Your Opportunity Awaits

Finding A Soccer Home Is Challenging

You want a club that focuses on the best interests of your child at every stage of development, from the early years through the teenage years and beyond, while also respecting their commitment to educational and extra-curricular activities.

Good News: We Put Players First

San Ramon FC's competitive soccer program helps your child develop both soccer skills and important traits for lifelong success. Your child will play in a program that is led by caring coaches who educate using the latest curriculum, with access to quality facilities, technology, and essential equipment.


Learn about the Players First designation.

Step 1: You Already Noticed "It"

You've seen your child play soccer and know how much fun they have playing the sport.  Whatever their age or current skill level, you see a growing passion for soccer in your child. They enjoy learning, competing, and are ready to benefit from an in-depth youth soccer program. 

Step 2: Answer This Question

What do you want from a competitive soccer program?  San Ramon FC's program provides a supportive learning environment for youth players ready to put in the time and effort needed to thrive. From the U8 Academy through the NPL level of competition, the program's focus is always on competing, learning, character development, and having plenty of fun along the way.  

Competitive soccer is a significant commitment for a player and their family. It's important that your family find a program that helps your child grow and develop while providing competitive opportunities to achieve long-term success.

Step 3: Evaluate The Experience

Training and league games are the heart of our program's experience. These are enriched by tournament play, technology tools, team activities, and club events designed to immerse your child in a special soccer experience that builds a foundation of learning, growth, and character development for every player.

San RamonFC's staff is here to help your family and your child's team every step of the way. Whether it's registration, uniforms, training schedules, league play, or club events, the dedicated club staff provides the logistical support to make it happen as smoothly as possible. 

How To Measure Success

To measure success, look deeper, beyond the win/loss column. While the goal will always be to win a match or a competition, it is just one of many signs of success. Kids learning how to compete, committing time and effort to develop their skills, learning to be a good teammate, and having fun are all good indicators of success and of a child's positive soccer experience.  

Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity

It's more fun on the field. Your child won't benefit if they don't play. Youth soccer can help reinforce the benefits of healthy physical activity, the importance of striving to improve, and the value of being a good teammate. San Ramon FC's efforts to integrate eleven pillars of character into its programs will help your child learn the value of these positive traits too.

Learning Is All Connected

“Elements of a child's development cannot be taken in isolation.  What you learn and the way you learn things spills over into all of the various parts of a child’s development.

So learning the skills of soccer should not be seen as a separate or inferior branch of learning. In fact, learning the skills of soccer can be as much a part of the whole learning process as studying math or science.”

- Dr. John Ratey, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School