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Current Tryouts

Welcome! If you are interested in joining the competitive program in the 2021-22 season, please complete the online form, and our Director of Player Development, Mani Salimpour, will contact you.

Traditional tryouts are not being held but new players should request an evaluation from San Ramon FC staff and can receive a recommendation for placement in the competitive program for the 2021-2022 season.

Use the link below to get started.

Region 3 Tryouts In 2021

As we all return to the field for competition this spring, we enter a very different environment than what we are used to.  However strange our new reality is, there are some things that don’t change even during a global pandemic.  Tryouts and new team formation are two of those, and even though we all just got back on the field, we will all be facing tryouts in May.  

Because this year is so unique, each club in our Region believes it is important to approach tryouts and team formation differently this year.  Our goal as club leaders is to provide as much stability for clubs, teams, and players as possible while providing open and clear opportunities for players to move clubs if they wish to do so.  In addition, our first priority is to ensure the safety of our players, families, and communities and we believe that our current COVID protocols make it impossible to conduct tryouts as usual.  With that in mind, each club has committed to a different than normal tryout policy this year.

In 2021, all Region 3 clubs will refrain from holding “open” tryouts to prevent mass gatherings of players from different clubs at a single location.  Instead, clubs will facilitate trials for interested players.  These trials will allow players to attend scheduled training and be evaluated inside of a team’s normal training environment.  While details will differ from club to club, no club shall offer mass gathering tryout events this year.  These trials can be conducted between May 10th and June 6th, without permission from a player’s current club.

For players, the tryout process should remain largely the same.  

  • All players will have to register at a club’s website to indicate their interest
  • Clubs are encouraged to communicate about players interested to coordinate on the timing of trials as well as any potential COVID exposures.
  • Players who register for a trial will be contacted by the club and informed of their trial specifics (when, where, etc.)
  • Clubs do not need permission to contact players who register for their club trials
  • Any player who registers and then attends a trial may be offered a spot with that club
  • Any players offered spots with a new club can not join that club, without permission from their current club until June 1st, 2021

About San Ramon FC

Established in 1973, San Ramon FC has a rich history of success, not only with teams on the field but also in the development of individuals as players and people.

San Ramon FC is a Players First club, which is a designation that serves as a "Good Housekeeping Seal" for youth soccer clubs in the United States. 

Players First is a branded, holistic club soccer experience for parents and players, which emphasizes the development of each individual to his or her full potential, and helps parents make better choices about where their children should play.

San Ramon FC is also a full NPL member club, one of the few full-member clubs in Northern California,  which allows our teams to compete at the highest level of competition available in Northern California. 

San Ramon FC's coaching staff develops a curriculum to help players learn the physical skills and cognitive skills necessary to succeed on the field.  In addition, specialized training for goalkeepers is available, as well as position-specific training sessions for the NPL level teams. The club also educates older players on the proper recovery techniques to maintain health and fitness after a match. 

All players gain the benefit of technology tools to help them enhance their skills and learning.  The Techne Futbol app for skill development is available to all players in the program.  Older age group teams may also have access to review video recordings of their matches to better understand tactics, positioning, and more. 

Our Alumni Page shows recent college, professional and international players who have played at San Ramon FC. 

Competitive soccer tryouts in San Ramon