The Junior Academy provides fun soccer learning for 3 to 8-year-old boys and girls. 

Junior Academy sessions last approximately 1 hour and are located outdoors or indoors, depending on the season.

Kids are asked to bring a ball, shin guards, water, cleats (if outdoors), or shoes (if indoors), and wear athletic clothing (no jeans).

The program’s primary objective is to help kids have fun while learning proper techniques, developing motor skills, boosting creativity, and building confidence on the ball.

  • Designed and directed by the club's professional staff
  • Proven age-appropriate curriculum
  • Focus on long-term player development
  • Psychomotor skill and coordination development
  • Soccer clinics offered throughout the year 
  • FUN and challenging atmosphere for all children! 

San Ramon FC understands happy kids are more receptive to learning so there is a large component of fun in everything we do!