The SRFC competitive program fosters an environment where players will improve and develop at a rate consistent with their commitment level to the sport.

Our program develops players that train, compete and succeed at local, regional, national, and international events. The club helps players reach their full potential, both on and off the field while instilling a life-long love and respect for the sport.

The focus of the competitive program is to guide and develop youth soccer players from the vitally important early years of soccer, where the learning environment and coaches can have the biggest impact, through every other stage in a player's development cycle, including adult playing opportunities in college, on our club men's or women's team, and professionally for some. 

The SRFC staff is charged with implementing the club curriculum at each developmental stage, ensuring children can learn and progress through the ranks under the guidance of coaches who excel in youth development.

Children are capable of developing a serious love of the game if exposed to the right environment. By providing a nurturing atmosphere for players, the SRFC competitive program helps create positive habits and attitudes in our players.