Birth Years: 2011-2012

2020 PricingMarch 1 - April 30th: $338, plus $75 volunteer deposit | May 1 - June 30th: $388, plus $75 volunteer deposit | You have the option to split your payment if you register anytime between March 1 and May 15th.

Training Start Date: August

# of Training Sessions/Length: Two 60 minute sessions each week

Game Dates: August 15 through November 7

Game Length: Two Halves for 25 minutes each

Game Format: 7 v 7 including a goalkeeper | Game has a referee

Training Focus for U9 to U12:

The focus for this age group is individual player development, with the introduction of technical and individual tactical skills. Individual tactical skills include penetration with the pass or dribble, the decision-making process (which to use and when) and the role of the pressuring defender.