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Your Guide To Youth Soccer Banners

By San Ramon FC, 07/09/18, 6:15AM PDT


Your Guide To Youth Soccer Banners

Yay!  Recreational soccer season is here! 

At San Ramon FC in San Ramon, California, our fall recreational teams will play games starting in late August or early September. 

If you're not in our club, that's ok!  This article has plenty of good information to help you.

For our club, August is the perfect time to get organized and start thinking about purchasing a team banner.

Teams in San Ramon FC may want to jump right to the section about ordering from FASTSIGNS.

This article also provides suggestions for several online vendors too.

Benefits of a Youth Soccer Banner

A youth soccer team banner can be a symbol of solidarity, a directional sign, a photo enhancer, and a memento.  While entirely optional, team soccer banners are popular items, especially among the youngest age groups. Recreational soccer teams frequently purchase one to enjoy during the soccer season.

Team banners in youth soccer create a sense of belonging for young players. Seeing their name on the team banner creates a sense of satisfaction for boys and girls.  For practical purposes, the team banner helps young players find their team on the field on game days. It also provides an excellent backdrop for soccer team photos. At the end of the season, many teams will cut up the banner, giving each player a section of it with their name on it as a keepsake.

So, what kind of team banner should you get? 

What features do you need?

Features of a Good Youth Soccer Banner

Team banners need to be durable.  They’re displayed outside.  They can get wet, muddy, or wiped by the messy fingers of excited youth soccer players. They spend a lot of time in car trunks, getting buried underneath soccer equipment or stashed in the corner of the garage.

For these reasons and many others, vinyl is the most popular material for team banners.

Banners can vary by size and shape.

We recommend a rectangular banner, with these dimensions:  5’ (width) by 3’ (height).

What else?

We recommend a team banner with pole pockets, not grommets.

Pole pockets are much easier to use with a display stand.

You slide the poles through the pockets when putting together the stand at the field.

Grommets are little, circular holes placed on the outside edges of the banner. The grommet holes are reinforced by metal rings to prevent tearing.  Grommets are more work, however, when it comes time to display the banner at a soccer game.

Grommets require bungee cords or zip ties to attach the banner to the display stand. It is easy to get the wrong length of cord, leaving you with a sagging banner. You can also lose cords as you trek from car to field and back again every weekend for 2 months.

(Grommets are better than no holes at all, but if you have a choice, pole pockets are the way to go.)

So, here’s the features list for your soccer team banner:

· Material: Vinyl

· Size 5 feet x 3 feet

· Pole pockets, not grommets

Got it? So, let’s move on to finding the right design.

Youth Soccer Team Banner Designs

Vendors who sell youth sports banners should work with you on the design or offer templates with a few options to customize, like names, colors, fonts, etc.

(If they don’t, you may want to think twice about giving them your business.)

Online vendors may offer free software on their website to allow you to design your own soccer banner. You can select from a variety of fonts, colors, clip art or graphics.  You can create a custom soccer banner for your “Unicorn Rainbow Warriors“, giving your team the best banner in the history of organized youth soccer. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a graphic designer at your disposal, many vendors will work with you on using your custom digital design.

If a do-it-yourself-banner-design isn’t ideal for you…not to worry. 

In most cases, you can find a totally terrific design template to customize with minimal time and effort.

Even better, we’re about to introduce you to a local vendor in San Ramon who will create the soccer banner designs for you, email you the creative proofs to review, and then let you choose the one you like best.

Whether you want to buy local or online, here are several suggestions on where to buy your team’s youth soccer banner.

Where to buy a youth soccer banner?

For San Ramon FC families, it won’t get much easier than using a local vendor, FASTSIGNS, in San Ramon, CA.

We’ll get to FASTSIGNS in a minute, but first, we’ll share a few online options.





a. View their PDF catalog of youth soccer banners

When buying online, make sure that the banner has pole pockets.  Some websites included pole pockets automatically while others offer them as an “add-on” item during the check out process.

FASTSIGNS in San Ramon

FASTSIGNS has been making youth sports banners for years.  They check all the boxes in terms of product (vinyl, 5x3, pole pockets), design (they do it for you), and price (20% discount when you mention our club).

They also are very convenient.  You can email them with your soccer banner request.

For full details on how to order a soccer banner from FASTSIGNStake a look at this FASTSIGNS PDF flyer.

We spoke to Wade Luckhardt, the owner, and he confirmed all of the information on the flyer.

FASTSIGNS also has our club’s San Ramon FC logo on file, if you wish to add it to your banner.

Don’t Forget The Banner Stand!

You’ve got your beautiful soccer team banner.  How will you display it on the field for all to see? 

If you bought one with pole pockets, then, in most cases, the answer is a brief do-it-yourself (DIY) project involving PVC pipe from your local hardware store.

Building your own PVC stand is cost effective and also portable (lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble). For under $20 in most cases, you can buy PVC pipe and two ground stakes. 

Here’s a DIY video on YouTube that shows you how to build a youth soccer banner display stand.

If you buy a banner from Fast Signs in San Ramon, they can give you a PDF instruction guide on how to build a display stand.

If your banner sign has grommets instead of pole pockets, you still need a display stand. 

The DIY PVC display stand is still a good option for grommet banners. You also need a set of bungee cords or zip ties to connect the banner (via the grommet holes) to the stand.

If you don’t want to embark on a DIY project, you can buy a PVC banner stand online, including various accessories.  Be sure to double check that the display stand is sized correctly for the size of your banner.

That’s it!

You’ve got the key information you need to get your youth soccer team a terrific banner to enjoy during the soccer season.

Enjoy the games (and the banner)!


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