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Welcome to Spring Soccer

By Dan Chamberlain, 03/12/19, 10:30AM PDT


Executive Director Memo

Welcome to Spring Soccer

As we gear up for the spring season, all of us at the club are excited about getting back out on the field to see our teams test themselves against the best of Northern California and beyond. I am sure that the players and parents feel the same way, and we are all looking forward to seeing you out at the matches.

Before the official games start I wanted to take the opportunity to speak about a few developments that we are extremely excited about and about which all of us as members of San Ramon FC should be proud of. 

First, we are incredibly proud to be kicking off the inaugural season for our NPSL team this month.  The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is a national semi-professional league with over 90 teams. It is a major step forward for our Men’s Team as well as the club.

Currently, San Ramon FC is the only club in Northern California with a semi-professional option for both men and women. This puts SRFC at the fore front of club development in Northern California and showcases our leadership in the soccer community. These teams (both men and women) provide a player development pathway that no other club has and is the final piece of player development that almost every club is lacking. The level of play in this league is very high, and I hope that each of you make it out to as many games as possible.  

You can find the NPSL schedule and season ticket information below. 

Link to Schedule

Link to Season Tickets

Second, we are very excited to be launching a new website and registration system later this month.

The club has partnered with SportsEngine, who is the leader in sport registration and software solutions. We are working closely with SportsEngine to redesign our registration system, so that we can ensure the highest level of data safety for our members as well as provide a smooth registration process.

We are also excited about the design and launch of our new website, which we expect to go live sometime in mid-March. We have been working with SportsEngine for several months now on the design of the site and we can’t wait to show it to everyone. Stay tuned for the new site! 

Finally, as we head into the competitive spring season, I wanted to take a moment to remind all our members about why San Ramon FC is here and why each of you pay to have your children participate in our programs. The other day I read the following and felt it applied perfectly to our club and what we are trying to achieve: 

The other night someone asked me, "Why do you pay so much money for your boys to play sports?' Well I have a confession to make, I don’t pay for sports. So if I am not paying for sports, what am I paying for? I pay for those moments when my boys become so tired they want to quit but don’t. I pay for those days when my boys come home from school and are “too tired” to go to practice but go anyway. I pay for my boys to learn to take care of their body. I pay for my boys to learn to work with others and to be good team mates. I pay for my boys to learn to deal with disappointment, when they don’t get that position they hoped for, but still have to work hard at the position that they have been asked to play. I pay for my boys learn to make and accomplish goals. I pay for my boys to learn that it takes hours and hours and hours and hours of hard work and practice to create something beautiful, and that success does not happen overnight. I pay for my boys to learn time management. I pay for the opportunity my boys have and will have to make life-long friendships. I could go on but to be short, I don’t pay for sports, I pay for the opportunities that sports provide my boys to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives and give them the opportunity to bless the lives of others. 

This is what our clubs strives to provide for all our members, no matter what level you participate at.

I believe that the pursuit of a high-level activity is essential for the development of young people, and we at San Ramon FC will continue to strive to provide this pathway for everyone in our community.  

Thank you for your membership and participation in San Ramon FC!

Great things are coming! We are looking forward to the coming season and years ahead. 

Dan Chamberlain