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New P.A.S.S. Training for SRFC Youth Players

By San Ramon FC Staff, 08/08/19, 12:45PM PDT


Dan Diodati to serve as club's Strength, Speed, and Conditioning Director

San Ramon FC is pleased to announce Dan Diodati will serve as the club’s new Strength, Speed and Conditioning Director. Diodati is an experienced soccer coach who has been coaching with San Ramon FC since 1999.  He will introduce a new and exciting program for San Ramon FC NPL teams in the 2002 through 2007 age groups.  As part of their 4 training days for the upcoming year, youth players on these teams will receive Power, Agility, Strength, and Speed training (P.A.S.S.).

The training will replace 20-30 minutes of normal training time during their regular schedule practice times two days per week. On Mondays, the focus will be on the athlete's Active Recovery Process and steps to take to recover from a vigorous weekend of play. This will include a longer warm-up with slower dynamic movements and a longer static stretch to take the muscles through full ranges of motion which will aid with blood flow circulation, which will help to reduce soreness.

During their 25 to 30 minutes of P.A.S.S. training, Diodiati will help soccer athletes improve all soccer-specific skills and movements done without the ball. This program will enhance their soccer power, agility, strength and speed that is required during competition. The goal is to improve acceleration and speed but not in a vacuum or straight line. Soccer is a multi-directional sport and the focus is to improve their, strength, stopping, cutting, restarting, change of direction, acceleration, sprinting and most importantly avoiding a blow that can minimize injury.

Diodati graduated from the University of California State Hayward in 1986 with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Kinesiology of Sports Science and a minor in Sports Nutrition. He completed major courses in Structural Kinesiology, Applied Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, and Sports Performance. Dan is also the owner of NST Fitness from 1997 to the present. NST Fitness is a mobile fitness company which works with all clients that are looking for overall body transformation and improved athletic performance.