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Integrity - Our Club's Pillar of Character for December

By San Ramon FC Staff, 12/10/19, 9:01AM PST


We believe that the game of soccer provides learning opportunities for our players to grow and become better people.

As a club, we believe in the words of Joseph Doty:  “Character can be taught and learned in a sports setting. Yes, participating in sports build character, but only if the environment is structured, and a stated and planned goal is to develop character.”

Australia’s National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU) defines integrity as "the manifestation of the ethics and values which promote community confidence in sports, including fair and honest performances and outcomes, unaffected by illegitimate enhancements or external interests."

Our club’s vision is to build players, character, and community through soccer.  We believe that the game of soccer provides learning opportunities for our players to grow and become better people.  We have previously discussed how playing soccer can help an individual develop a more inclusive view of the world, become a better teammate, and increase their ability to persevere. 

In the month of December, we will be focused on our pillar of integrity.  Sports offer numerous situations to show and develop integrity.  From not cutting the corner on a training run to being honest with your coach and parents about an injury to choosing not to flop to draw a penalty, integrity is vital to an athlete’s growth. 

In a sports setting, when talking about integrity, the key words to think about are honesty, trust, values, ethics, morals, beliefs, respect, and fairness.  

To determine whether you are an athlete with integrity, think about the following questions:

  • Do you always give maximum effort?
  • Do you cut runs short (cut corners or stop a few steps from the line)?
  • When your coach asks you to do something, do you stop doing it when the coach turns his/ her back?
  • Do you flop or dive?
  • Do you try to intimidate, fool or bully referees?
  • If a coach asks you to do a certain number of repetitions, do you complete them all or just claim you finished?

There are numerous other situations where one can determine whether they are an athlete with integrity.  Try to think of some scenarios yourself and ask yourself how you would react in those situations.