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Community Spotlight: Coach Peter "PJ" Ordaz

By San Ramon FC Staff, 10/26/20, 7:30PM PDT


This season we will highlight the coaches and staff who make our club a special place to be. We're grateful for our community and the people who help our programs thrive. 

Head Coach: 2004B White, 2009B White

What do you like about coaching soccer?

I like being able to not only teach kids the qualities to become a good soccer player but to become a good human being.

What is your favorite food? Dessert?

I love a good burrito; Cinnabon for dessert.

What other sports/activities do you enjoy?

I love camping, swimming, traveling, and riding my bike. I also love my relaxation time.

Do you speak another language?

I can fully understand Spanish and Portuguese and can speak both, but not fluently.

Which of our club's 11 pillars of character are important to you?

Competitiveness and passion are my two most important because it is hard to teach those. They come from within most of the time.


PJ was recently a guest on the Full 90 Coaching Podcast. Listen to his interview to learn more about Coach PJ and his time in Brazil!