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New Video Content Is Here

By Gary Whitehouse, 03/10/21, 11:00AM PST


3-minute video content on timely topics

The first video is here! Based on the results of the College Services survey, San Ramon FC families strongly prefer short, informative videos about important topics related to college admissions, testing, and athletics. The first video focuses on the question, "Should I still take the ACT & SAT in 2021?"  For the answer, we've asked the expert, Steve Sandweiss of Sandweiss Test Prep And Admissions Consulting.  His 3-minute video will give you a better idea of what to expect in 2021 for testing and college applications. 

His video, and future ones, will be available on the College Services web page at 

Here's the video:  "What You Need To Know About ACT & SAT Testing In 2021"