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Congrats Class of 2022

By San Ramon FC Staff, 06/11/22, 12:15PM PDT


The club recognizes its seniors and congratulates them on their graduation

Class of 2022

June 2022

From cleats to caps and gowns, San Ramon FC's senior class is poised to begin the next stage of their lives.  For these talented young men and women, many will focus on educational pursuits at college, while others will pursue career or vocational opportunities, and still others will choose to serve their country in the armed forces. As the class of 2022 take off their SRFC uniforms for the last time, the club would like to remind each of them that they will always have a home for soccer at San Ramon FC.

The club is honored to have helped these student athletes take advantage of the opportunity to develop themselves as soccer players, and, most importantly, as individuals and responsible young adults.  Learning to play soccer is a fun, challenging, and rewarding pursuit. There are highs and lows and lessons to learn along the way.  Who you become while playing the sport is more important than how many games you win or lose. 

Below you will find the names of the graduating seniors in the club's recreational and competitive programs, along with photos and quotes from families who chose to participate.

From Our Seniors

Below you will find some of the names of the graduating seniors in the club's recreational and competitive programs, along with photos and quotes, from families who chose to participate. The club reached out to the families of seniors in the club, giving them the opportunity to share quotes and photos for use in this article.

If you have a graduating senior in the club and would like to add to this article, please contact the club for details

Liliana Castaneda of San Ramon FC

Liliana Castaneda
Graduating senior Liliana Castaneda plans on attending Diablo Valley College and playing for the school's women's soccer program. Reflecting on her time at San Ramon FC, Liliana shared the following: "I will always remember scoring a goal at my last club soccer game. I’m grateful for everything San Ramon FC has taught me and will forever carry the lessons I learned into my future."

Yohanna Samson of San Ramon FC

Yohanna Samson
Pictured at left is graduating senior Yohanna Samson.  Her parents shared the photo along with the message, "Yohanna we are proud of all your achievements. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors."

Antonio Manso
Antonio Manso plans to attend San Jose State University and to continue working as a soccer referee as well. Antonio's father, Francisco, shared the following about his son:

"Antonio quit soccer at an early age and came back when U13 as a select player. He liked it and decided to go into the competitive program. He has the best memories of Coach Zak at U14 who helped him become a better defensive player and for getting him prepared to make it onto the Cal High freshmen team."  

Brandon Axton
Brandon will attend Cal State East Bay and play in the school's men's soccer program this fall.  Read more about his decision to attend school and play for CSUEB.

His Mom, Carol, shared the following:

"Brandon began his playing soccer at San Ramon Rec Soccer at age 5 and moved on to Azuri competitive program 2 years later, until US Soccer’s age split when he was 12. Unable to play with his team anymore, his coach told him to go find a team that would fit him. So, he left and played for a few other clubs on the peninsula and east bay, but decided when they became U19 to return to his original team for their final year. A very emotional, wonderful and fitting end with the players, families and club we loved. Coach Mani was a great coach to end with and was instrumental in helping Brandon move on to play in college. Thank you to SRFC for everything!" 

Kathleen Gomez of San Ramon FC

Kathleen Gomez
Kathleen will be pursing molecular and cell biology degree (pre-med) at UC Berkeley.  Joann Gomez shared the following about Kathleen:

"Kathleen started playing soccer when she was 5 and we had many great memories over the years. It’s exciting to see how she grown technically, strategically and mentally as a player. We loved it when she was learning how to dribble as a new player and now she is a highly competitive midfield player but can also play other positions when needed because she simply loves the game. We hope she continue to play club in college while pursing academics at Cal. We appreciate all the love and support from the SRFC coaches and the great experience with the club in her soccer journey! Go SRFC!"

Gavin Navarro and the (young) SRFC 2004B NPL Team

Gavin Navarro
Julie Navarro, Gavin's mother, provided the team photo and shared her thoughts on her son's youth soccer experience:

"He started in the Copper Select program, and then we moved him to Competitive, and we never regretted it.  He made some of his best friends, and life long connections/mentors.  We are especially grateful to Mani Salimpour and Dan Chamberlain, who both were amazingly supportive on and off the field.  They both became a mentor to him, and fulfilled more than the 'coach' role.  We are beyond grateful to them and the game of soccer for the life lessons he learned on and off the field.  The majority of the 03-04B NPL team played together for many years, which means the families also became close, and created some life-long friendships as well."

Alexandra Ren
Alexandra will attend college after high school. Jingjing Liu shared these thoughts about Alexandra's time spent playing soccer:

"Alexandra has stayed in San Ramon FC for 10 years! She will miss all the time she spent with coaches and soccer friends. She wishes San Ramon FC the best in the future!!"

Scott Morford
Scott plans to attend college after graduation. Debbie Morford, his mother, shared the photos at left and these words:

"Scott played for SRFC (aka SRS) from U5 all the way to U19.  At U9 he began playing in the competitive program, which used to be called Azuri.  This experience has been very good. He’s learned a lot about life and met so many wonderful people: Friends as well as influential adults.  

Coach Pat Pawlowski (U15B Bronze, 2017/18) was more than 'just a coach'; he was a 'life coach'. The confidence, inspiration, opportunity, and fun he fostered was priceless."

Brooke Kundert of San Ramon FC

Brooke Kundert
Brooke will be studying psychology at UCLA in the fall. She was also one of the recipients of the club's Bob Loney Memorial Student Athlete Scholarship.  Erin Kundert, had these words to share:

"Colin is an outstanding goalkeeper coach! He meets kids at their current skill level, and then pushes them to what he knows that they can do. Brooke worked with another GK coach for years so working with Colin and hearing valuable instruction from a different perspective, clicked for her. He pushed her to be the best goalie, and to go outside of her comfort zone.

Thanks Coach Colin for the time you invested in my athlete!"

Naya Pollack of San Ramon FC

Naya Pollack
I will be attending the University of Southern California (USC) and major in Computer Science.

"I was able to make long-lasting friendships since I played with the same group of girls for so many years and am grateful for all the coaches who supported me throughout my 13 years at SRFC and everything they have taught me. My favorite memories are winning State Cup, the tournament where we encountered a tornado and won, and winning league in our final season together."

Derek O'Brien of San Ramon FC

Derek O'Brien
Derek will attend the University of Nevada, Reno. Tracy O'Brien shared these words about Derek's youth soccer experience:

"Mani has been an incredible influence on Derek both on and off the field. He will never forget the bonds he has created with his team, playing with many of them for years, he has definitely created lifelong friendships. The 04B Navy team was a very special group."

Derek O'Brien and SRFC teammates on the 03/04B NPL team

Noah Nguyen
Noah will be studying biology at UC Davis after graduation. He shared this quote about one memory from his soccer playing time. It will likely resonate more with his teammates than anyone else:

"We at the hotel motel Holiday Inn."

Michael Karapetyan
Michael graduated from Castro Valley High School and will attend UCLA in the fall.

Julia Nguyen
Julia will be attending the University of California at San Diego majoring in Biology with specialization in Bioinformatics. 

"Favorite soccer memory is playing goalie when I was young and stopping the PK to win the Stanford Tournament. Thank you to all the coaches through the years, Coach Kasey, Coach Mike, and Coach Dragan!"

Jagdev Sharma
Jagdev will be attending college at a UC this upcoming fall, and working towards becoming an EMT this summer. Suky Sangha, shared her thoughts about his time spent playing youth soccer:

"Jagdev has learned discipline and a solid work ethic from training in soccer on teams and on his own at San Ramon FC. These life skills have transferred to his personal life and San Ramon FC has been foundational to developing these characteristics.

The coaches and administrative staff have been supportive and really care about the players. Thank you SRFC for being a village for our youth. I will dearly miss seeing our seniors on the field, and grateful that they will have soccer as a life long passion."

Samuel Langefels
Samuel, pictured at left at a swearing in ceremony on May 22 in Danville, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and will attend boot camp this summer. He loves soccer and his time playing for SRFC!

Arya Bhaskaran
Arya will attend Arizona State University and major in business. Alna Govindarao shared these thoughts:

"He played with a lot of the same boys on O4B White for many years and made many memorable moments with teammates and families of teammates. Grateful for all the years of playing competitive with San Ramon FC. Our family will definitely miss this."

Macray Madruga of San Ramon FC

Macray Madruga
Macray will attend UC Davis and play for the school's football program after graduation.  A multi-sport athlete playing basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and football, you can read more about Macray and how he got the opportunity to play football in college.

Nicholas Taticek
Nicholas will attend college after graduation. Nina Mufti shared these thoughts about the time their family spent with Nicholas playing youth soccer:

"We have enjoyed being apart of SRFC for the last 14 years. I began as a parent coach for the first 5 seasons and my son played every year through high school. We have made great family friends through the years and as a parent, I will miss our soccer weekends! Thank you for providing great staff and programs and for making SRFC a memorable part of our lives."

Emma Fogle played soccer and danced competitively for 14 years.

Emma Fogle
Emma is going to Oregon State University and will major in business. She would like to focus on sports marketing. Sandy Fogle, her mother, shared these words for the article:

"One of our tournaments in UC Davis (September 2019) was the same day as the rare tornado that hit the area. The game was delayed and the sky was spooky, but we won the tournament. Very memorable for many reasons!"

Amir Feshari
Amir will attend college after graduation. Farideh Feshari shared these thoughts about youth soccer: 

"Thanks to all coaches who helped our son live healthy and purposeful life over the years, and we will never forget the memories of those good years."

Ella Johnson
Ella will attend college and hopes to join an intramural soccer team once she's there. Erin Johnson shared these thoughts with the club:

"SRFC has been a great experience for Ella on the field and off the field. She has developed lasting friendships from her teammates and confidence from playing on the field. Ella also helps with the youth camps for SRFC. It's been a great program for her all these years from age 4 to age 17."

Lewis Hare with the State Cup Trophy won by the 03/04B NPL team.

Lewis Hare
Lewis will attend The United States Military Academy at West Point in New York after graduation. Read more about Lewis' decision to apply to and attend West Point and how his time at San Ramon FC aided him in achieving his goal.


Jayden Albarran ​​
Jayden will be attending Dominican University of California in the nursing program. He will also be playing on the school's soccer team.  His favorite moment from San Ramon FC was "winning State Cup."

The Castro Valley Quintet through the years

The Castro Valley Quintet
Graduating seniors Kyla Metchette, Margarita Vinciguerra, Emma Fogle, Brooke Kundert, and Jamie Fong grew up together in Castro Valley, playing youth soccer in both Castro Valley and San Ramon and attending Castro Valley High School together.  

Photos shared by Sandy Fogle.

Emma, Kyla, Jamie in a game and at graduation