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Fall Jr. Academy (U5-U8) Overview

Fall Junior Academy


Program Details


The Fall Junior Academy program helps young kids (birth years 2016-2019) have fun while learning proper soccer techniques, developing motor skills, boosting creativity, and building confidence on the ball.

Designed and directed by the club's professional staff

Proven age-appropriate curriculum

Focus on long-term player development

Psychomotor skill and coordination development

Soccer clinics offered throughout the year 

FUN and challenging atmosphere for all children! 

Your Child's Opportunity For Fun Soccer Learning

Kids need fun, physical activity in their lives. With significant changes to daily social interaction and routines, many families are experiencing unprecedented challenges trying to raise happy, healthy, successful children. The Junior Academy provides your child with a fun environment to learn and grow their soccer skills at an early age. With consistent participation in soccer, a child can experience a positive impact on their physical, emotional, and social development.  

Build Confidence And Skills Through Play

Our fun fall Junior Academy soccer program helps your child develop traits for success while learning soccer skills from our professional coaching staff. Youth soccer is a healthy, social activity where kids get to play, learn, have fun, and make friends. Your child can improve physical abilities and learn soccer skills while building confidence, accountability, perseverance, and more. 

Step 1: Sign Up For Our Fall Junior Academy

You’ll add a valuable element to your child’s development: A fun, physical and social activity to enjoy as an alternative to screen time.  SRFC Instructors will help your child learn soccer skills through play. Techniques for dribbling, passing, and shooting will be introduced. Fun games and activities will help kids improve upon these foundational skills and can set them up for success in future soccer and youth sports programs.

Step 2: Meet Your Fall Instructors And Team 

It's easier to socialize and meet new people when you share a common!  Fall Junior Academy players will be trained by members of the Junior Academy coaching staff.  Fall Junior Academy teams will play games on the weekends and be coached by a volunteer parent. Weekly training will help your child learn proper techniques at an early age, building both confidence and a foundation for success. Geography and schools are two factors used to form teams. You will be notified in early August about your team placement and schedule for the season.

Step 3: Prioritize Practice On Your Schedule

To get the most out of youth soccer, attending practices is important. It is the best time to learn, build skills, enjoy social engagement with peers, and provide consistent physical activity. At practice, all players have a ball and get plenty of touches with it. Our coaching staff’s curriculum will offer fun opportunities to learn through play. Coaches will provide positive encouragement as new soccer skills and techniques are taught during the season.

Step 4: Enjoy The Games Responsibly

Smile. Encourage effort, applaud perseverance, and act with integrity during youth games. Be patient. Your child will be learning new things! Mistakes will happen and are a great reminder that your child is learning and improving. All kids learn at different rates and have different abilities. Kids should have fun, try their best, and work as a team. The fall season has 8-10 games on the weekends. Players learn that they can always control their effort and their attitude, even if the game doesn't go as expected. 

Step 5: Engage With Our Soccer Community

Attending social events with teammates promotes inclusiveness and enhances teamwork. From club-organized events like Club Day and Earthquakes Soccer Nights to self-organized team activities like pizza parties and ice cream meetups, your child has an opportunity to socialize with teammates during the season. These shared experiences help build friendship and community with other families in the club.

Step 6: Use Our Online Content To Benefit Your Child

Your family can access quality content about soccer parenting,  youth sports, and character development. The goal is to share knowledge and tools to help you help your child succeed both on and off the field. These content resources are available to you immediately.

Success = Smiles + A Desire To Play

To measure your child's success, look beyond the win/loss column. Kids having fun, improving their physical abilities, developing new skills, learning to be a good teammate, and striving to improve are good indicators of success and a positive soccer experience.  

Don't Miss Out On The Fun

Introducing new activities and encouraging physical play is always a good idea. It will help instill healthy habits at a young age. The Junior Academy program give you an important window of opportunity to experience team sports and physical learning early in life. Learning new skills, having fun outside, and interacting with peers and coaches will benefit your child socially, emotionally, and physically.


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