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Recreational Overview

San Ramon FC youth soccer team


The U5-U6 age groups are for birth years 2015-2016. You are entered into the prize raffle when you sign up by April 15. The regular program pricing is the lowest of all the age groups. U5-U6 age group pricing will not increase after April 15 so the $50 discount is not offered. 

U7-U19 age groups are for birth years 2002-2014. Both the $50 savings on registration and the entry in the prize raffle are yours when signing up by April 15. $50 discount reflected in the early registration price. No discount code needed. Price increases by $50 automatically starting April 16.

These Days The Struggle Is Real


With busy schedules, excessive screen time, and academic pressures, many parents are finding it harder to raise happy, healthy, successful children in a fast-paced, digital world. Youth soccer's positive impact on a child's physical, emotional, and social development will help them grow throughout their childhood. Kids need fun, physical activity in their lives. 

Good News: Children Learn Through Play


Our fun fall soccer program helps your child develop traits for success. Your child can improve physical abilities and soccer skills while building self-confidence, accountability, perseverance and more. Youth soccer is a healthy, social activity where kids get to play, have fun, and make friends.

Step 1: Enroll Your Child in Soccer

Soccer helps your child learn and grow through play. As you watch your child play soccer, you will know that while having fun they are also developing traits for success, such as integrity, respect, and teamwork.

Step 2: Meet Your New Team


Share your enthusiasm for team sports with your child. It's easier to meet new people when you share a common!  New teammates will create shared experiences that can help them learn how to work together. Teams are formed in early August. Your team's volunteer coach will contact you. Geography and schools are two factors used to form teams, so there's a good chance you'll see some familiar faces at the first practice.

Step 3: Make Practice A Priority


Practices are the best time to learn. It's a fact that practices give players the most time and opportunity to learn, develop, and play.  All players have a ball at practice and get plenty of touches with it. Your volunteer coaches are strongly encouraged to have their teams play small-sided games at practice to help kids learn skills and decision-making in a game-like environment.

Step 4: Enjoy The Games


Encourage effort, applaud perseverance, and act with integrity during youth games. Kids should have fun, try their best, and work as a team. The fall season has 8-10 games on the weekends. Players learn that they can always control their effort and their attitude, even if the game doesn't go as expected. 

Step 5: Attend Club And Team Events


Attending social events with teammates promotes inclusiveness and enhances teamwork. From club organized events like Club Day and Quakes Nights to self-organized team activities like pizza parties or footgolf,  your child has an opportunity to get together with teammates during the season.  Social activities enhance teamwork and relationships through shared experiences. 

Success: You'll See Smiles And Striving To Improve


To measure success, look beyond the win/loss column. Kids having fun, developing new skills, learning to be a good teammate, and striving to improve are good indicators of success and a positive soccer experience.  

Don't Miss Out On The Fun


It's more fun on the field. Your child won't benefit if they don't play. Youth soccer can help busy parents reinforce the benefits of healthy physical activity, the importance of striving to improve, and the value of being a good teammate. Our club's efforts to integrate eleven pillars of character into our programs will help your child learn the value of these positive traits too.


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Volunteer coaches are essential to the operation of our recreational soccer program. These men and women are community-based volunteers who must pass a background check and LiveScan Fingerprinting before being permitted to coach. Volunteer coaches must also complete the designated curriculum in player health and safety, positive coaching, and soccer skills and tactics before the season begins.


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