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Solutions For Tuition

50% Of Students...

Graduate with their degree in four years.

Nationwide, the average student takes 5.25 years to graduate from a public university. 

This is often because it is hard to enroll in all the classes required to graduate; a common problem at public universities. 

Private universities can often guarantee that their students will graduate in four years; a fact which should be considered when looking for a college.

60% of Students...

Do not finish at the college they started as a freshman.


Jay Murray, President of Solutions for Tuition, shared that fact in his webinar, which you can watch for free. Changing schools is expensive because it can take longer to graduate and credits may not always transfer between schools.

TIP TO SAVE $$:  Use College FitFinder and Gary Whitehouse Advising to help your student find a college they love from day 1. 

100% Of Families...

Want to save $$ on tuition.

With some planning, timely advice, and focused effort, you can save thousands of dollars on college tuition.  If you don't have a plan, well, the colleges will provide one for you and that usually means paying full price tuition.

Jay Murray, president of Solutions For Tuition, provides a wealth of knowledge and experience for families in diverse socio-economic and demographic groups.  He's been there, done that, and helped many families for 15+ years and counting. His expertise is available to all San Ramon FC families, with a free consultation to help you get started.


1. Watch the webinars below and take some notes.

2. Sign up for future webinars when available.

3. Use College Fit Finder to help identify schools your student will love so that they are among the 40% who finish at the school where the began as a freshman.

4. Speak with Gary Whitehouse, whose expertise will help you in your search and your planning.

5. Take the free college planning analysis (including a 45-minute meeting at no cost to you) from Solutions For Tuition to help identify your family's best strategies for paying for college. 

Recorded Webinar - Introduction To Solutions For Tuition

Click the graphic to watch this free webinar. Jay Murray, President of "Solutions for Tuition", is a trusted college funding advisor who discussed how families can save significant money on college tuition and what steps they should take to get started.


October 1st Webinar - College Planning In The Time Of COVID

Get hands-on strategies to implement with your student to help alleviate stress and achieve success with financial aid and college admissions.

Here are links to some resources mentioned in the webinar: