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Information on Youth Soccer in San Ramon

About San Ramon FC

Founded in 1973, San Ramon FC (SRFC) is a non-profit soccer club and one of a small number of clubs nationwide that has received the Players First designation from US Club Soccer. 

SRFC exists to provide residents in our community with soccer opportunities in the areas of both player and human development.

San Ramon Soccer, Inc. (dba San Ramon Futbol Club), is organized exclusively for the charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding Section of any future Federal tax code (collectively “Internal Revenue Code”).

As our club continues to expand to meet the needs of an ever-evolving and diverse community, SRFC welcomes the opportunity to serve every player at all levels of play just as it has for the thousands of club alumni who have experienced what SRFC offers.

SRFC has a proud tradition of developing not only great players but also great people.

For over 40 years the club has produced college soccer athletes at the NCAA Division I, III, III, and NAIA levels along with several Olympic Development Program players (boys and girls) at the District, State, Regional and National team levels, some of whom have played professionally, including an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Many former SRFC players have returned to our club as coaches, volunteers, adult league players, administrators, and referees.  Their effort to guide a new generation of kids in our community helps strengthen and grow San Ramon FC into what has become "more than a club" for our members.

San Ramon FC youth soccer player

San Ramon FC youth soccer player

Mission Statement

San Ramon FC's mission is to develop players, character, and community through soccer.

We strive to be the club of choice for all levels of play in the San Ramon Valley. While promoting exemplary sportsmanship and ethics, SRFC provides the opportunity for recreational and competitive play with an emphasis on developing the player.

Soccer Uniform and Shoes

Girls team showing their yellow shoelaces in support of pediatric cancer awareness month

11 Pillars of Character

Success in Soccer & Life

What essential character traits do high-level soccer players need? 

The answer to this question is not easy. We spent an extraordinary amount of time discussing it.  We believe we have identified the key traits that now will become the pillars of our coaching.

San Ramon FC will strive to instill these eleven pillars of character in every player within our club.

More importantly, these eleven traits will serve every player well not only on the soccer field but in school and later in their adult lives.


An obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.



A strong desire to win while exerting the best effort in order to succeed; striving to always improve.



A belief in yourself, your team, and your collective ability that you can achieve a desired goal.



The ability to imagine new ideas, solutions, or possibilities.



An acceptance of another’s opinions, views and suggestions.



A quality that implies honesty, fairness, ethics, good sportsmanship and moral character.



An ability to help a team reach a common goal by listening, inspiring, and encouraging others.



A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement toward something.



A steady persistence to try to do something even though it is difficult; continuing in the face of difficulty.



An understanding that someone or something is important and should be treated in an appropriate way.



Working as a group to achieve a common goal.

Pillars of Character

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Club and Community

Week-Long Dos Coyotes San Ramon Fundraiser

By San Ramon FC Staff 09/25/2022, 12:15pm PDT

25% of your order donated to the club from September 26 to October 2. Let's eat!

New Affiliate Club: 925 Futsal

By San Ramon FC Staff 09/23/2022, 5:15pm PDT

San Ramon FC unveils the 925 Futsal Club for elite youth soccer players.

City Council To Recognize SRFC Teams

By San Ramon FC Staff 09/23/2022, 12:30pm PDT

Three teams to receive certificates from San Ramon City Council for international play at Donosti Cup

  • Wine Raffle Fundraiser

  • By San Ramon FC Staff 09/08/2022, 11:30am PDT
  • Prizes: 50 Bottles of Wine, 25 Bottles, 10 Bottles | $10 tickets | October 23rd Drawing
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