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New referees should email the referee assignor for youth soccer games in San Ramon. You can be added to the assignor's list and receive notifications about games in San Ramon that require referees. You can then assign yourself to a match or matches that fit into your schedule.

For general questions on refereeing in San Ramon, you may also email the referee assignor using the address below.


Reasons to become a referee:

  1. We need you. Especially adults! We have games for you!
  2. Games cannot be held without referees. 
  3. Get good pay - Better pay than almost any job you can get while in high school
  4. Flexible schedule  - Pick the hours you want to work
  5. Have fun and meet new friends
  6. Learn much more about soccer so that you will better appreciate the game

If you take the referee course in another city, you can still referee in San Ramon.

 U14 to Adult - Referee Work in San Ramon

We encourage players, coaches, parents, and anyone interested (ages 13 years and older) to take the referee class.

Upcoming Courses Hosted By San Ramon FC 

Date: March 14, 2020
Time:  1 pm - 4 pm
Location: San Ramon Central Park, Field #3
Address: 12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA
Cost: $75.00
Course type:  Grassroots, Entry Level
Eligible:  Ages 13 and older

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Referees are expected to wear regulation uniforms including a badge containing the current year.  All referees must wear the standard uniform with the striped jersey.  Grade 9 referees also wear the standard uniform.  However, Grade 9 referees may wear a solid gold jersey.  Wearing the standard uniform allows the referee team to blend together when there is a mix of Grade 8 and Grade 9 referees doing a match.  All members of the referee team must wear the same uniform, if possible. When matching is not possible, the Assistant Referees should match each other.

Smart dress code and timeliness establish field presence and positively affect the way coaches, players and parents interpret referee decisions. Please help to establish and uphold a high standard of dress.


All new referees and referees ONLY officiating recreational games must possess the base uniform including a gold jersey with black pinstripes, black shorts, black shoes and approved uniform socks. New referees must also obtain a watch, a whistle and a set of official referee flags. The standard gold jersey should be sufficient to officiate all Recreational regular season & tournament games. Get the short sleeve version since almost all games will be during warm weather.  Long sleeve versions of the jersey become necessary when doing games late in the season in cold weather.

Competitive and Select

Referees must wear colors different from either team or either goalkeeper. 

Referees receiving a rank advancement and refereeing NorCal games for the first time will only be required to purchase the two additional jersey colors shown below during their first season as a competitive referee. This concession is designed to help spread the additional cost burden across two seasons.

Referees must wear colors different from either team or either goalkeeper.

Referees officiating competitive games must possess the following range of additional jersey colors (as pictured above).

San Ramon soccer referee uniform
Where to buy

Referee uniforms and equipment can be purchased online through a number of online stores (e.g. Score Sports, Official Sports) or you may purchase your Referee apparel and equipment locally at Soccer Pro in Dublin, located at 6635 Dublin Boulevard, CA 94568.

Game Assignment and Payment Information


The SRRC assigns all league and tournament games using the assigning tool  Most league games are open for referee self-assignment.  This allows referees to pick the times and referee positions that best aligns with their schedule and referee skill level.  Our goal is to place referees on games that are best for the referees and the players.  Information on how to create your GameOfficials account or how to add San Ramon to your existing GameOfficials account can be accessed by clicking on the Generate/Add a GameOfficials Account link.

For tournament games, the SRRC communicates with the entire referee team asking them to provide their availability.  The SRRC assignors then manually assign referees to games and distribute out the assignments 2-3 weeks before the tournament starts.  Tournaments draw a more geographically diverse team of referees and manual assignment allows the assignors to place referees, who do not always have experience with our assignment system, onto games by experience level.

The SRRC uses the GOPay payment system that is linked to the GameOfficials assignment system. GOPay provides referees with the ability to elect a direct deposit to their bank account free of charge, or GOPay will mail you a check for the amount earned minus a check processing fee.  SRRC generates an invoice every 1-2 weeks for league games and works to get tournament payments within 2 weeks.


How Do I Request Assignments?

Log onto (If you do not have a GameOfficials account, see the Generate/Add a GameOfficials  Account page)

To sign up for games, on the upper left go under Personal Info/Self-Assign and follow the following steps:

The very top sub-window is titled “Game Filters”.  Select the ‘+’ sign-in the left side of the Game Filters window to expand this window.  All the filters should be set to ‘All’ and the date needs to be the timeframe where you are looking for games.  The SRRC releases games up to three weeks in advance; so, for example, on Sept 1st games through Sept 21st will be available for assignment.

To select a specific range of dates, next to the ‘Date Range’ choice select the ‘Custom’ checkbox.  Set the Start and End dates.  Make sure you select the ‘Reload’ button.

The games that are shown are determined by your referee experience rating (see the Rankings and Advancement page for the link between referee rating and age groups referees can work)

To select a position, just click on a referee symbol on the right-hand column that has no color.  This will automatically assign you to the game.  A referee can make 3 self-assign assignments in a 24 hour period and work 4 games in one day.

We don’t let referees automatically release games, so if you sign up for a game and later realize that you cannot work the game, send a message to and state which game you want to drop.

Since we have more than 60 new referees each year, the games that referees can work fill up quickly.

Knowing that it isn’t easy for new referees to get games, SRRC reserves some referee positions for new referees. 

If you are a new referee and are having trouble finding open games, please send an email to with the subject line of “New referee looking for youth spots”.  In the email state what dates and times you are available and the assignor will see if there are any available reserved spots meeting your criteria.

Laws of the Game (LOTG)

The following are a series of links that provide information on the Laws of the Game, the interpretation of the laws and other useful referee resources.

FIFA Laws Of the Game

FIFA Referee Resources and Downloads

USSF Laws of the Game

USSF Referee Resources and Downloads - LotG/Advice to Referees/Guide to Procedures/etc.

FIFA Referee Link

Rankings and Advancement

The SRRC has implemented a game ranking system in order to match individual referee skills with game difficulty.  Each age group, competition type and player gender (e.g., a U14 Girl's game) has a specific game difficulty as shown in the chart below.

Every referee who signs up to work San Ramon FC games (league games and tournaments) is given a Center/AR ranking based on their current referee development.  The following table provides a quick view of the game rankings and the referee development level expected to referee for a particular game.

There is an assessment process for referees who would like to move up a level in order to work more challenging matches.  In most cases, after the referee requests an assessment, a higher level game will be assigned to that referee and a member of the SRRC will observe a portion of the game.  Based on the assessor’s recommendation, the referee’s level may be adjusted to the appropriate game difficulty.

Send an email with any game ranking questions or requests to the