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Techne Futbol

What is Techne?

Techne Futbol is a soccer training app designed to help players of all skills and abilities take their game to the next level under the guidance of professional players. 

At San Ramon FC, every player in the competitive soccer program has access to the Techne Futbol app to work on their ball skills on their own or with teammates outside of practice. 

If you are a member of the competitive program or have a question about how the club is using the Techne app, please contact us.

For general information on the Techne Futbol app, please visit the Techne website.

2021 Club Leaders


Club-wide competition from March 2021 for all teams in the competitive program


San Ramon FC's new club-wide team competition features a March Madness-style tournament bracket.  Every team in the competitive program will enter into the tournament but there can be only one champion! 

Techne March Madness is designed to promote skill training, healthy competition, and accountability for players in the club.

Each week, teams will have a head-to-head match-up with another team in the club. The team with the most Techne app training minutes, on average, per player, will advance to the next round. 

A Techne week is Sunday through Saturday.  During that time frame, each player can contribute towards their team's training minutes for the head-to-head match-up that week. Players must track their minutes by using the Techne app outside of their normal team training sessions.

A link to the updated tournament bracket will be posted weekly on this page during the month of March.

As the club returns to full competition, let's remember that one of the keys to being a great player is technical excellence!

The winning team earns the title of champion, their team name etched on the first club trophy of 2021, the respect of their peers, and Adidas gear too!

Good luck to all teams! 



Congrats From Yael Averbuch, Techne Founder

Techne Trophy Presentation To 08B Pre-NPL

Congrats From Tommy Thompson